Buyer's guide to place a successful order

Placing your orders with the cartel market is a pretty easy process comparing to the other darknet black markets available. As we mentioned above, first of all you have to get bitcoins ready.

You can create a account with us or you can process the orders as a guest also with no accounts

Then browse our market and add the product you wish to place the order. For example let say counterfeit bills. In the product page you can select the preferred shipping option from all the available options for your location. After the selecting the shipping option you can add the product to the cart.

Then after you can go to your cart page and click the checkout button to finalize the order. Then you will have to fill the form that ask the delivery details. Remember the address you enter their will be the address that we make the delivery. That can’t be changed after. If you don’t want to share your name just add a fake name in the form. But remember your address including postal code must be correct. If it’s a digital service you ordering for example money transfers, we won’t ask the delivery details. But in the order notes you would have to write the relavant email address or the tag which you need to receive the balance (ex: paypal, cashapp, skrill)

Then you come to the final step. After filling the form you can click the pay with bitcoin button. Then it will redirect you to the payment page where it shows the bitcoin address that you need to send the money and its qr code. You can either scan the qr code with your wallet and make the payment or send the coins directly to the given bitcoin address by copy pasting it in to your wallet. After sending the coins, you may need to wait for like 5 mins since a bitcoin transaction take time to confirm the payment. After receving one confirmation in the blockchain for your bitcoin payment order is done placing! And remember to send the exact amount of bitcoin mentioned the payment page. Otherwise your order would be rejected. After placing the order, it’s time to track it! Go to the order tracking page and check the progress and updates time to time.

Please contact us anytime by sending a message over telegram if you have any problem!