1000$ visa prepaid clone for ATM withdrawals, shop payments and online transactions

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Please find the proof videos of our Visa prepaid clones attached below in the description. Kindly remember to review them.


Note – We are pleased to inform you that effective from 2023, we have implemented a significant improvement to our Visa prepaid cards. Going forward, all our cards will be shipped with an official Visa-approved background design printed on them. This modification has been made to prevent any unwarranted attention drawn to the primary white color card plate



Note – We are delighted to offer you an alternative option for obtaining your card if you prefer to use it only for online transactions. We can provide you with the necessary card data, including the card number, CVV, expiration date, and all other relevant information. To avail of this service, simply indicate your preference by typing “digital order” in the order notes box during the checkout process. Additionally, kindly provide us with your email address in the same box.


Rest assured, we will promptly process your request and deliver the order to the provided email address within 20 minutes. However, please note that there will be no reduction in shipping costs for this service.


What is are visa prepaid clones?


In simple terms, a visa prepaid card is like a loaded balance card, similar to a gift card. Unlike credit or debit cards, the balance on a visa prepaid card is already loaded, and you can use it until the loaded balance runs out.


What cloning does is it involves stealing credit card data or tracks using hacking methods or physical means. The stolen information is then used to create clones of the cards by loading a certain portion of the available balance onto our cards. These cloned cards have magnetic chips and other technology.


When we clone the card, the balance is loaded onto our cards and deducted from the actual owner’s account or card. The process is done using tools like skimmers, which are specially designed for this purpose. Once the balance is loaded onto our cloned cards, it cannot be traced back or retrieved by anyone.


So, essentially, the final product of a cloned card is secure and works just like a gift card.


What will the order contain:-


+ 1 visa prepaid clone with loaded balance as per the order
+ 1 printed document containing ATM withdaw pin and card number, expires date, cvv and all data needed for online payments


Features of our visa prepaid clones:-


+ Balance loaded to the card itself
+ No real person or bank account connected
+ Can use for physical ATM withdrawals, store payments and for online payments/transactions (PIN is included for ATM withdrawl and card data needed for online payments are also included)
+ Can use in any ATM across the USA & worldwide which accept visa cards
+ Can use to make payments to any store that accept visa debit payments
+ Can use to make payments to any online store or added to a virtual wallet eg: paypal
+ No 3d security wall or OTP requests


Visa prepaid cards are legally available in many countries around the world. However, I must emphasize that cloning these cards is illegal, and it is something we engage in. As a customer, you don’t need to worry about any security issues on your side. All the illicit activities are conducted by us, and we take care of the necessary steps.


From your perspective, the cloned card functions just like a Visa gift card. It comes with a loaded balance, and it is sent to you by your trusted friend,


Please be aware that we have a policy of only allowing one physical order per address within a 30-day period. If multiple orders are placed using the same address within that timeframe, they will be canceled without a refund


7 reviews for 1000$ visa prepaid clone for ATM withdrawals, shop payments and online transactions

  1. Anonymous

    My first order with cartelmraket. Really appreciate

  2. Anonymous

    Your card worked perfectly in turkey soon i will send a video to telegram so you can share. Thanks for help me in this hard time. Much love from turkey

  3. Anonymous

    A +++

  4. Anonymous

    Work smoothly already used for 790$ purchase on amazon!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    4 th order. no withdrawal problems so far gonna to work with you guys long term!!

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the fast shipping to germany

  7. Anonymous

    excellent bills . can rate 5 star

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