5000$ from 100$ bills PASSING PEN TEST & ATM!

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This package contains:- Bundle/Bundles of the bills as per the order, Safe counterfeit usage 3 pages printed guide made my us


Features of our Super-Bills:


+ Passes Pen Test
+ Passes the ATM deposit
+ OVI ink
+ Exact Paper Used
+ Unique Serial Numbers (300 different numbers)
+ Correct Serial Number Font
+ Aligned Seals
+ Correct Colors
+ High Quality Prints
+ Micro Printing
+ Watermark
+ Security Thread
+ Specially made old look and texture


Does it also pass the pen-test, UV-test & ATM ? OF COURSE IT DOES 😉


Even the bills pass the ATM deposit system, we strongly recommend you to avoide direct bank deposits. Eventhough we did our best in making the bill look legit, there is some possibility that a individual expert investigation can reveal that the bill is fake. Usually any bank does those kind of checks or investigation on random bills time to time. So you better avoide deposite if you want to be 100% secure in this business. Of course some guy will deposit this later but that’s not your problem! Just pay your bills and buy whatever you need or travel anywhere. But just stay away from bank so there will be nothing to worry about!


Safety of the delivery is guaranteed by us. Specially made packages are used for the delivery to avoide any shipping related security check. In the worst case if this get caught, all you have to say is “i don’t know who send this. Its not mine!” and nobody can prove you are lying. But anyway this never happens 🙂

4 reviews for 5000$ from 100$ bills PASSING PEN TEST & ATM!

  1. Anonymous

    eventhough the vendor mentioned not to deposit any amount in bank i did. And i am happy to say that i passed the atm with no problem! thanks thanks thank

  2. Anonymous

    i love this fuckers! almost quite my job! now on vacation with your money

  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous


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